Rejuvenate Your Skin


Whether it’s getting ready to look your best for a special occasion or routine wellness therapy, our Hyper Health Beauty Cocktail is specially formulated with vitamins that supplement your hair, skin and nails, making them stronger and giving them a healthier, more radiant appearance.


This infusion contains IV fluids, B12, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Glutathione and Biotin which will make you look and feel your best.


Best For: 

  • Improved skin, hair and nail quality

  • ​Skin lightening

  • ​Wound healing

  • ​Dry, brittle skin, hair and nails

  • ​Cosmetic rejuvenation


What’s Inside?


IV Fluids – body fluids (blood) provides oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s surface helping to strengthen the barrier function of the skin. IV fluids will provide the necessary hydration to bring fluid back to your chapped, flaky, and/or scaly dry skin.


Vitamin B complex – whether its thiamine (B1) keeping breakouts at bay or pantothenic acid (B5) maintaining moisture, B complex vitamins take care of many of your skin’s needs. Riboflavin (B2) aids cell turnover and collagen maintenance, protecting skin structure and integrity while also speeding up wound healing. Niacin (B3) is a skin-conditioning powerhouse helping with dermatitis, acne, rosacea, eczema, dry and sun-damaged skin, and hyperpigmentation while also targeting fine lines and wrinkles. And B6 joins in by reducing stress and improving sleep to improve cell regeneration and preventing premature aging.  


Vitamin C – keeps your skin strong by activating your body to make more collagen minimizing both fine lines and wrinkles, helping your skin appear smoother and firmer. This collagen production activation also plays a role in keeping your hair strong and growing. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a very important antioxidant preventing dangerous “free radicals” from damaging your skin including wrinkles and sun spots.  


Glutathione – functions as your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. It’s essential to eliminating toxins, maintaining your youth, and sustaining your wellness. Low glutathione levels have been linked to every major aging process.  


Biotin - also known as Vitamin B7 is associated with improving the strength, appearance, and overall health of your skin, hair, nails, and eyes. Biotin helps to improve the structure of keratin, the main protein that makes hair, skin and nails.


Zinc - helps fight oxidative stress, calms inflammation, and is vital for skin health & wound healing.


Add a B12 Boost – promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. As a cofactor for DNA synthesis, cobalamin (B12) plays a major role in cell production. This allows the body to reduce skin redness, excessive oil, dryness, inflammation, and acne blemishes as well as strengthening your hair and nails.