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Fat Blaster

White Sheet

Give Your Weight Loss A Boost


Our Hyper Health Fat Blaster IV Cocktail is the perfect complement to your exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Consider it your jumpstart inspiration or push to the finish line for a healthier, more energized, leaner you. 


This Weight Loss IV Vitamin drip helps your body work better so you can lose weight and burn fat more easily. 

What's Inside

+ Alpha Lipoic Acad (ALA)

+ Lipo-C

+ Taurine

+ Glutathione


+ Increased Energy

+ Improved metabolism

Weight loss

+ Reduce inflammation

+ Decrease insulin resistance

who's it 
good for? 

+ Jump start weight loss

+ Compliments healthy eating

+ Maximize workout efforts

+ General well-being

recommendeD add-ons

+ B12

+ Extra Fluids

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