Give Your Weight Loss A Boost


Our Hyper Health Fat Blaster IV Cocktail is the perfect complement to your exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Consider it your jumpstart inspiration or push to the finish line for a healthier, more energized, leaner you. 


This Weight Loss IV Vitamin drip helps your body work better so you can lose weight and burn fat more easily. 


What’s Inside?


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)- Alpha lipoic acid has been shown to promote normal thyroid levels and can even mitigate the effects of hormone-induced weight gain. Can help your weight loss efforts pay off better by decreasing insulin resistance and boosting energy levels. Reduces inflammation and can improve muscle recovery time after a tough workout.


Glutathione- promotes good liver health, which means you burn fat more efficiently. As you break down fat, Glutathione helps prevent the toxins that were stored in that fat from being reabsorbed. Glutathione can also help promote good blood glucose levels, as well as improve cellular metabolism, which influences energy, and muscle repair. (Remember muscles burn calories like crazy!) 


Taurine- can prevent diabetes and obesity in animal models, and can mitigate the effects of both conditions in humans. Lowers cholesterol & inflammation, helps muscles work harder & longer and recover quicker.  


Lipo-C - Our combination of B vitamins, Methionine, Inositol, and the fat burner Choline (MIC) aid in the creation of healthy cells, boosting energy, maintaining a healthy liver by preventing fat buildup, relieving and preventing fatigue, managing stress through responses to the nervous system, and reducing blood cholesterol which all assist in maintaining changes to your diet, suppressing appetite, and elevating physical performance.