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The Works

White Sheet

Give your immune system extra support with our Hyper Health 'The Works' Cocktail.

When you are experiencing more stress than usual, you’re starting to feel under the weather or have full blown cold and flu symptoms, your body needs more vitamins and nutrients than usual to bounce back.

This specialized infusion combines our most popular IV, Immune Complete PLUS a double dose of Vitamin C and the power of glutathione! 

What's Inside

+ Magnesium

+ B-Complex

+ Vitamin C

+ Zinc

+ Glutathione

+ Taurine

+ Lysine

+ Hydrochloric Acid (HCI)


+ Viral Illness Recovery

+ Immune System Support

+ General well-being

+ Reduce Inflammation

who's it 
good for? 

+ Cold, flu and "virus of the week" symptoms

+ Infections

+ Pre/Post Surgery

+ Auto-immune disease

+ Cancer/Chemo support

+ General well-being

recommendeD add-ons

+ B12

+ Extra Fluids

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