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Our Journey To Here

Hyper Health IV Therapy

Welcome to the Hyper Health IV Therapy blog.

We know that you're here because you care about your health... and so do we!

Our team is dedicated to helping you in every way we can to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life and we know that if you don't have your health, it's very hard to do that.

We'll be updating this section of our website on a regular basis so be sure to check back often or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates!

So many of you have trusted Hyper Health to give you IV therapy and support your overall help and we are so grateful for you!

For those that are new to our community, welcome! We're so glad that you're here and we want to share with you just a bit of our journey and how we've gotten here.

If you haven't met our lead infusion nurse, Jessica, yet, you will... and after having an infusion, you won't forget her!

Jessica has been a registered nurse for over 20 years.

She started her nursing career working in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit at one of the world's most renowned hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic.

Jessica worked there for over 10 years and quickly became known as the "go-to" nurse that you wanted in charge when the stuff was hitting the fan (figuratively and sometimes literally). :-)

After being introduced to the idea of "alternative medicine", Jessica poured hours upon hours devouring everything she could on the topics of natural health, holistic health and functional medicine.

Shortly after beginning this journey, Jessica began working at an outpatient clinic that focused on IV vitamin therapy helping mostly chronically ill patients incorporate whatever nutrition they could into their health routine.

She absolutely fell in love with this side of healthcare.

And then, in March of 2020, COVID-19 swept the entire world and the clinic that she was working for was forced to let her go.

So what does a former ICU nurse who's passionate about helping others with their health and wellness do when she's face adversity?

She takes action!

Hyper Health IV Therapy

And in November of 2020, she, along with her husband, launched Hyper Health IV Therapy!

Since it's inception, Hyper Health IV Therapy has been focused on helping as many people as possible support their health and immune systems by providing effective IV vitamin therapy that gets to the root of a person's health issues!

As we continue to expand and grow, we will be adding more and more services focused on helping people regain control of their health.

We're excited and grateful that you have chosen to go on this journey with us!

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